Mediation is self-determination by arguing parties (without a judge or arbitrator). The mediator is hereby a neutral mediation expert. It is only possible if both parties agree. Parties must have the will to work it out together. With mediation, it is not the mediator who decides for the parties, but it enables the parties to solve the conflict themselves.

Method of our mediator

Our mediator focuses on the process between parties. Our mediator is not above, but between the parties. In doing so, she achieves mutual listening and mutual understanding. As a result, parties are more likely to move from destructive to constructive action. Our mediator not only facilitates the negotiations. Where necessary and if both parties appreciate it, it also has its own contribution as an expert.

What does mediation mean for our mediators?

For the VANDIJK lawyers mediator, mediation means: “invest in the relationship between parties!”. It ensures that negotiations with parties take place with respect for each other’s interests. Achieving a win-win situation is an important goal for our mediator.

The importance of mediation for those involved

Our mediator tries to give the parties insight into the importance of a mutually satisfactory solution to the disputes that have arisen between them, instead of fighting the legal battle. If parties recognise and experience that importance, the outcome of a conflict often has greater added value.

Results of mediation

Parties are often very nervous and angry when they are sitting opposite each other after a time of arguing. When a conflict is settled in mediation, this more often leads to improved understanding between parties. This improved understanding ensures that they can come to joint decision-making. If parties look for a solution together, they often know how to achieve a result that suits them better. Parties are often the most experts in their specific situation. Often a result in mediation offers more than a court ruling. Parties know best what possible solutions are for the problems they experience over and over again.

Our mediator:

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