About VANDIJK lawyers

One-stop legal assistance

VANDIJK lawyers is a Rotterdam-based law firm, located in Prinsenland. We focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). VANDIJK lawyers also serves private individuals on both a paying and on an [[added basis]].

We speak the language of the entrepreneur and the College of Mayor and Aldermen. We are flexible and available 7 days a week.

Society and (labour) legislation are changing and VANDIJK lawyers are changing with it. VANDIJK lawyers does not have all (law) disciplines in-house, but does want to offer its clients one-stop legal assistance. This means that we do not have all specialists in-house, but that VANDIJK lawyers work together with a team of specialized independent entrepreneurs.

VANDIJK lawyers have been in existence since 2001. Our team is close-knit and employees stay with us for a long time. Our employees, and in particular our secretaries, know our customers by name. You don’t have to introduce yourself every time.

For you as our customer, this means that you have all the necessary specialist knowledge under one roof. You remain assured of the fast service and quality that you are used to from VANDIJK lawyers.

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