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Free consultation hours

Every Tuesday for “Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” on appointment in the afternoon hours between 17:00 and 20:00. It is an orientation consultation and will take approximately 20 minutes.

Every Tuesday for “Entrepeneurs” between the hours of 17:30 and 19:00. The consultation is meant as a 10-minute orientation consultation. You can avoid long waiting times by notifying your arrival in advance and agreeing on a time.


Lawsuits can take an awful lot of time and money. Judicial verdict may end the legal despute, but it often drives both parties further from on another, rather than bringing them closer.

Mediation is a method of dissolving conflicts. Our mediators is not above the parties, rather, she is in between the parties. Achieving a win-win situation while keeping respect for each other’s interests is an important goal of mediation for our mediator.

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Monique van Dijk.


VANDIJK advocaten - Een mooie carrièrestap alleen betekent niet dat een geldend concurrentiebeding niet meer zou moeten gelden 3

Monique van Dijk

Company law, Labour law, Civil Servants law

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VANDIJK advocaten - Wim Schröder 1

Wim Schröder

Persons- and family law, Law of Inheritance, Tenancy law

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VANDIJK advocaten - Gregory Romet 3

Gregory Romet

Consumer Purchase, Rental Law, Corporate Law

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VANDIJK lawyers does not only stand for quality and service, but also for transparency in costs.

You will know in advance what you are up to.

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We also assist you on government paid legal-aid.

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“My experience with Wim Schröder and his services was very pleasant. Even the smallest details were fine-tuned, which was also very welcoming.”

– Arthur Brandenberg van der Gronden, Anthem Amsterdam

“Monique van Dijk is a passionate professional. In her own way, she knows how to get through, thinks in possibilities and is solution-oriented. “

– Bart Bons, Mark B.V. Schiedam

“Knowledge, efficiency and extraordinarily creative. Those are the first words that pop into my mind when I think about VANDIJK Lawyers and Monique van Dijk.”

– Richard den Haan, ZeerZeker B.V. Rotterdam

“I experienced the contact with Mrs C. ten Hoor as pleasant, clear and professional. Bundled with the past experinces with VANDIJK Lawyers, I was once again satisfied with the results thanks to C. ten Hoor.”

– Linda Neijenesch

“To anyone who needs a lawyer, we recommend VANDIJK Lawyer. They are professional and secure in their services. We had a case and our lawyer was C. ten Hoor. We can describe her in one word: “Perfect!”. We are very satisfied with her services and we recommend her to everybody.”

– Sanja Stojanovic & Nihad Pazarac

“The services provided by VANDIJK Lawyers are excellent. I had a great experience with Mrs Ten Hoor, who was sympathetic and involved, but at the same time also very professional. Communication was clear and Ms Ten Hoor, with her efforts, did her utmost for me. I would definitely advise everyone in my network to work with VANDIJK Lawyers.”

– Laura van Schijndel

“I would like to express my appreciation for Mrs C. Ten Hoor, who has done an excellent job in my case and thanks to her efforts, my case has come to a favorable conclusion.”

– Jan-Gert van Helvert, Policy Advisor Legal Advice & Real Estate

Monique, Thank you once again for your kind help and efforts during this period! It was a pleasure working with you as well, and I will be highly recommending you and your colleagues.

“A conflict with a staff member is very sensitive. It is extremely annoying for the staff member in question, but it also does not bother an employer. Charlotte understands that. In my role as employer, she clearly advised me about the steps to be taken and possible consequences. She demonstrated not only the legal side, but also the social side.”

– Erik van Toor, Director of Veerdienst Schoonhoven

“I would like to express my appreciation in this way to Mrs. C. ten Hoor. Excellent service, good communication and thanks to her great efforts, my case has been resolved properly. Thank you very much for this! In the past, I also had a case with VANDJK lawyers and also had excellent service and great care”

– Maaike Veldhoen

The courts will close on Tuesday, March 17 2020. Which urgent matters will continue?

Courts and special colleges will close their doors on Tuesday March 17 to prevent the spread of the corona virus. In principle, litigation is suspended until April 6. But there are urgent cases that cannot wait because it affects the rights of litigants and suspects, for example because a period of time has elapsed within which the judge must judge. An overview of these urgent matters can be found on