Labour Law

Our lawyers advise and litigate in the broad field of labour law. You can think of a diversity of topics and conflicts, including:

  • an imminent dismissal or
  • an employment dispute with your employer.

What are your rights? Our lawyers will work with you, and often in consultation with your employer, to find a suitable solution.

Does your employer wish to terminate your employment with a settlement agreement?

What are your rights? We will discuss with you whether terminating your employment is the right way to go. We look for the path that suits you and which suits you best. Our lawyers check whether the settlement agreement meets the requirements. For example, has the correct notice period been observed? An incorrect notice period can cause problems when receiving unemployment benefits. We also check whether the transition payment has been calculated correctly. In many cases, we also negotiate the amount of the final termination fee.

Our lawyers in the field of labour law

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