Wim Schröder

Curriculum vitae

Wim J.G. Schröderlawyer since 1988, mainly focuses on persons and family lawinheritance law, and tenancy law at VANDIJK advocaten, primarily in the private sector(SME) entrepreneurs can also have their interests well represented by Wim.

Wim started as a lawyer in 1988 at the Advokatenkollektief in Breda. He mainly occupied himself with tenancy law at first, but he broadened his horizons with, among other things, general contract law, personal and family law, juvenile lawsupervision, and also criminal law in the years to come. In recent years, inheritance law has been added to his skill set.

In 2009, Wim Shröder said goodbye to the city of Breda and started working at VANDIJK lawyers.


The entrepreneur and divorce:

As a divorce lawyer, Wim possesses great knowledge in the field of matrimonial property law, both the community of property and matrimonial conditions. It goes without saying that the the interests of the entrepreneur who is going to divorce are broader than that of a private individual. After all, you do not want your company to go bankrupt as a result of a divorce. There are also parallels: in both cases, Wim can offer solutions for, among other things, the children (parenting plan), alimony, and distribution.

Inheritance lawyer

Wim Schröder specializes in inheritance law as an inheritance lawyer at VANDIJK lawyers. This concerns advising and litigating in the settlement of an estate. Wim can also advise proactively on questions such as how to deal with your assets after passing, such as the Inheritance Tax Act.

Free legal aid, Pro Deo

People with a small grant can also turn to Wim Schröder. With his roots in social law, he has an eye for lawyer fees. Free legal assistance does not exist, but we can discuss together whether we can keep it affordable. Wim always first discusses with you whether legal aid based on funded legal aid is possible.